What is CONFALT®

CONFALT® is a semi-flexible wearing course which brings together the best from high performance concrete and a flexible asphalt.

The semi-flexible properties are achieved by filling an Open Graded Asphalt (voids 25 – 30 %) with a self leveling grouted CONFALT® mortar. CONFALT®mortar is a high performance self levelling mortar developed specifically with extremely high rheology properties and a fast setting time in order to open for traffic after 24 hours.

Where to apply CONFALT®

CONFALT® is particularly useful as a tough and sustainable wearing course for any harsh environment such as severe climatic conditions, heavy loads and abrasive applications.




  • Storage Facilities
  • Industrial Flooring
  • Cross Sections
  • Container Terminals
  • Airports
  • Multi Storage Parking house


Where to get CONFALT®

CONFALT® is supplied and installed by certified Contractors only